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Freedom: n. the power to behave without regard for legal limits

Freedom in its absolute sense means the freedom to think, write, and do anything. Realistically when we speak of freedom we really mean liberty-the freedom to think, write, and do things within the law.

Our freedoms or more accurately our liberties are less and less as government passes more special interest laws, gets bigger and bigger, and international corporations and banks get bigger and bigger.

The middle class is systematically being destroyed by government, technology, and big business. Our choices in life are becoming less and less as small technology firms are being eaten up by large technology firms to eliminate competition and big business food companies are buying up organic farms to eliminate competition. The destiny of the world seems to be the rich at the top and armies of poor at the bottom with a radically reduced middle class.

The merchandise many humans will be buying will be limited in quality by their poor income but their food will be even crappier and unhealthy and the medical bills will go through the roof.

I personally welcome this scenario because the middle class is the source of most of the pollution on the face of this earth and is consuming precious natural resources, polluting the environment, and destroying biodiversity at an alarming rate.

Unhealthy food will lead to unhealthy poor humans who will die prematurely and have unhealthy offspring who will fail to reproduce in the numbers that they are now reproducing at.

If this is the master plan of the rich monied class then it is a diabolically clever plan to deal with world overpopulation.

This nightmare scenario will take quite a few more years to develop and it is no immediate cause for paranoia for most of us. It is just a dire warning of what will probably happen if current trends continue without necessary radical change.

If there is anything which needs true freedom it is the wilderness or biodiversity!!!!!!


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Opportunity: n. a circumstance(s) which makes the achievement of a goal(s) more probable and frequently the circumstance(s) itself has been a goal(s) so that a further goal(s) is more probable


Be ready when opportunity knocks. Some fortunate humans have gotten a great education, have good genes or good memories, have the right connections, and have many opportunities to start out on a successful career path and relatively easily find their soul mate. They indeed have made themselves ready for opportunity and get it sooner because they were probably born into a rich, smart, caring family with good social connections.


Most of us unfortunately have to settle for a mediocre education, have average memories, land the best job which we can find, and hopefully bump into a compatible member of the opposite sex.


Then we find out that the only way to find better opportunities is to work hard, change jobs, learn new skills and knowledge, and make new contacts with humans who may help us to land a better future job. We find the going tough and it may take many years before we get a great opportunity to knock on our door.


For many of us that great opportunity never surfaces because we are so wrapped up in the struggle to survive that we never really have the time to prepare for the opportunity which we really would like to have. Sometimes the opportunity which we are hoping for never knocks because we have set our goals too high and they are just not realistic goals because we just don’t have enough inborn talent and persistence.


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