Almost all the water which we drink is polluted to some extent. Even bottled water in plastic containers is polluted from the chemicals which leach out of the plastic.

Water in glass bottles from unpolluted springs is probably your best economical bet but if you are a fanatic then you can get melted glacier water or melted ice from Antarctica or the North pole from about 10 feet below the surface.

Another source of pure water is distilled water which is close to 100% pure water but unfortunately this does not have the natural minerals and dissolved oxygen which usually makes the water taste good.

Rain water from a remote Pacific island is also a good source for drinking water but don’t drink it out of a plastic bottle which defeats the purpose of trying to have pure rain water without leached plastic chemicals added.

Polluted tap water will not kill you if you drink it once in a while or use it for cooking purposes and it will probably not ruin your health that much if you eat certified organic food as a major part of your diet and get most of your water from it.

Finally if you are really concerned about the quality of your drinking water then don’t drink processed sodas or energy drinks which will unnaturally pollute your system and cause greater health problems in the long duration.

If you are thirsty then your best drink to quench that thirst is pure water!!!!!!


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