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The American constitution was written at a time when most of the country was agrarian with many independent farmers and rich landowners. Today independence is a luxury and most will soon be working at minimum wage or slightly more for big business not even being able to afford their own homes in many circumstances.

The need for a government safety net when you are destitute and also unemployed is a factual necessity and is not part of the constitution as a guaranteed right but should be.

There are in fact three classes of humans. There are the unemployed with financial reserves who are frequently rich, working citizens, and unemployed and also destitute citizens on or off of welfare. The first two classes of citizens can usually make it on their own but the last class needs assistance of some kind and the question really is what kind of assistance should be provided in the constitution?

Unemployed and destitute adult student graduates and unemployed and destitute welfare mothers need assistance but it should not be so great that they can afford cars to cruise the shopping malls spending taxpayer’s money at will.

If you are on welfare then you should have no motorized vehicle and your basic standardized needs should be delivered door to door to some shelter by efficient private companies. At home you should be provided with a computer so that you can go on the internet to get reeducated in a technological field for a real useful job if you are willing to put in the time, energy, effort, ability, and achievement. This way, no matter what your age, you will have the hope and opportunity to rejoin the workforce if you quality yourself through personal effort.

The constitution should guarantee free basic standardized needs and free useful reeducation at any age for the destitute and also unemployed.

Some radical but efficient changes in the constitution would be to eliminate state governments and give their powers to local districts with the House of Representatives being the only representative of the people. Giving most of the taxing authority and rights to local communities will encourage small businesses to thrive and create havens for humans with common interests and beliefs and free up the citizens from oppressive centralized government rules.

Having elections only every 10 years for the national and local level would also be a welcome change to save much campaign money and also decrease too much boring political discussion between election years on who the next political candidates will be.

My evergreen truth book NEW CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES details what a good updated constitution would look like.

A few of the highlights of the new updated constitution are-

  1. Precocious children with an education level of an average 18 year old should have a right to vote before the age of 18.
  2. Senate is eliminated and replaced by the House of Representatives.
  3. Setting a debt limit of 10% of GDP unless it is a national emergency situation.
  4. Promote efficient rail service between cities with a population of 2 million or greater.
  5. No promoting of Liberal Arts education which will be the sole domain of private institutions of learning.
  6. Monopoly businesses and businesses releasing toxic chemicals into the environment will be taxed a fixed percentage of gross income.
  7. Non monopoly and non-toxic polluting businesses will not be taxed at all.
  8. All national elections will be held once every 10 years.
  9. No president will be younger than 25 years old.
  10. Political unity with foreign nations will be encouraged by the House of Representatives by encouraging them to do so voluntarily or through the direct purchase of a foreign nation.
  11.  Government will expand wilderness areas by purchasing land at fair market value.
  12.  Citizens without criminal records shall be the only ones which have the right to keep and bear arms.
  13.  Amendment 23 has new rights specified for the unemployed and destitute.
  14.  Amendment 24 specifies the rights of citizens on arrest and detention.
  15.  A new updated Declaration of Independence for the United States and the World.
  16.  Separation of church and state but the religion will have to bear the financial responsibility of any illness or health issues and the unemployment and retirement of it’s members. You want separation? Then bear the full financial responsibility for your independence and separation!!!


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You can’t publish anything which you want and do anything which you want and the forbidden publication or behavior is what is censored.

There are libelous publications which can unjustly ruin a human’s reputation and there is child pornography which most societies censor. In totalitarian countries political free expression is also censored and you can’t write articles criticizing the leadership. Profanity is also frequently censored in the public media.

There is no pure freedom of speech in society because publishing untruths or lies about someone who is not a public official can ruin a good reputation and severely hurt someone’s ability to make a living in society.

Military secrets are also censored which would compromise national security if they became public knowledge.

Government censors some political activities of government committees from the public where special deals are made favoring some special interests and this can be considered a bad form of censorship. Open source government would go a long way towards making government less corrupt but the politically powerful factions and politicians are generally against such sunshine public activity.

The internet is being censored to try and exclude criminal behavior such as terrorist plots and stealing of money, intellectual property, and identities. The censorship which is not so obvious is search engines with algorithms which favor information published by financially well off corporations and websites and exclude many small websites from easy access.

Search engines like Google and Bing are in fact powerful censors who have incredible control over what is published and how it is published frequently favoring the rich and powerful over the poor humans.

Privacy or keeping personal information from public view is becoming increasingly difficult if you use the internet. Soon your communications, medical records, and financial transactions may become public knowledge. Only the rich will be able to keep their lives private with encryption communications which will be harder to steal unless you are the NSA with government backing and have the ability to decode the communications.

Finally government tries to censor criminal behavior by passing laws which are then enforced by the legal system and police.


The rich and powerful will always find ways to keep their private information from public view through self-censorship. Whether common humans can maintain their privacy is an open question right now.

Censoring the internet to some extent is necessary but the real question is- Who will be in a position to censor and what kind of controls or safeguards will there be against unjust censorship by the rich and powerful financial interests and government?


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The only way out of financial poverty is to learn useful mental and physical skills to land a job, learning to budget your money, and then learning more useful mental and physical skills which will land you a better paying job.

Financial poverty is a trap from which it is hard to escape and the ones which do so successfully are the ones who don’t have poverty of the mind. A poor mind with few skills and little useful knowledge is the real trap that almost no one escapes without a good useful education or self-motivated useful learning. Being or staying mentally handicapped is a guaranteed recipe for being or staying in financial poverty.

Usefully educating your mind even if it is late in life is the only realistic way out of financial poverty at any age. If your mind does not absorb useful education readily or can’t discriminate between what is useful information and what is not so useful then your fate is to probably continue in financial and mental poverty. 

Even with a bad memory you can spend much time, energy, effort, and money trying to change your poor mental and skill circumstances. Some just have to work harder and longer mentally to get to the same point as others with good memories.

Yes many celebrity jobs require inborn talent but a hard worker and trained thinker can make it pretty far up the ladder of financial success with enough personal mental and physical effort.

Poverty: n. inadequate money for middle class living standards. Extreme poverty is having no money and/or money only for a minimum quantity of food which is inadequate to maintain life.


Getting the right kind of useful education and skills early or late in life is the only hope of making it out of financial poverty at any age.

Unfortunately technology is speedily raising the standards of mental and skills education and more and more will be stuck in mental and skill poverty in a job poor environment. In the future there will be many more liberal arts majors who will be more likely to live financially impoverished lives than historically speaking.

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