The only way out of financial poverty is to learn useful mental and physical skills to land a job, learning to budget your money, and then learning more useful mental and physical skills which will land you a better paying job.

Financial poverty is a trap from which it is hard to escape and the ones which do so successfully are the ones who don’t have poverty of the mind. A poor mind with few skills and little useful knowledge is the real trap that almost no one escapes without a good useful education or self-motivated useful learning. Being or staying mentally handicapped is a guaranteed recipe for being or staying in financial poverty.

Usefully educating your mind even if it is late in life is the only realistic way out of financial poverty at any age. If your mind does not absorb useful education readily or can’t discriminate between what is useful information and what is not so useful then your fate is to probably continue in financial and mental poverty. 

Even with a bad memory you can spend much time, energy, effort, and money trying to change your poor mental and skill circumstances. Some just have to work harder and longer mentally to get to the same point as others with good memories.

Yes many celebrity jobs require inborn talent but a hard worker and trained thinker can make it pretty far up the ladder of financial success with enough personal mental and physical effort.

Poverty: n. inadequate money for middle class living standards. Extreme poverty is having no money and/or money only for a minimum quantity of food which is inadequate to maintain life.


Getting the right kind of useful education and skills early or late in life is the only hope of making it out of financial poverty at any age.

Unfortunately technology is speedily raising the standards of mental and skills education and more and more will be stuck in mental and skill poverty in a job poor environment. In the future there will be many more liberal arts majors who will be more likely to live financially impoverished lives than historically speaking.

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