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Attitude: n. a relatively constant habitual stored processing set of thinking and/or sensing which frequently affects a person’s corresponding behavior


Most of us express attitude in terms of the two extremes which are optimism and pessimism. In fact most of us have attitudes which fall somewhere between the two extremes and we are not overly optimistic nor are we overly pessimistic.


It is wise to think relatively optimistically about future good outcomes or goals but to realize pessimistically that there will probably be many mistakes or bad things which will happen trying to reach those good outcomes or goals.


Having a plan B or plan C if plan A fails is a realistic way of living life and will keep you trying to optimistically achieve goals though sometimes in an unforeseen roundabout way.


A confident attitude is charismatic to some extent and will attract the opposite sex and is fundamental in leadership as long as the confidence stems from real accomplishments and successes and not an over inflated ego without a solid foundation.

Confident: adj. freedom from most doubt when trying to achieve something and this frequently exists with a large belief in oneself and in one’s abilities

Sometimes a courageous attitude which doesn’t give up easily but wants to continue to struggle against life’s many setbacks and hopes to overcome them or avoid them to maximize happiness is the right attitude to have.

Courageous: adj. continuing to pursue a goal(s) when the odds are against you and/or when the pursuit of the goal(s) is filled with danger.

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