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It is a fact of life that all of us will die physically sooner or later.

I remember as a young child becoming aware of my mortality and had a panic attack which I conveyed to my parents and they reassured me that death won’t happen for a very long time and that I had nothing to worry about. Another scary moment was a movie which I watched as a child where a young man aged into a decrepit old man in five seconds and this caused fear in me and a desire not to go through the same fate.


Other humans have had near death experiences with a severe accident or near drowning and the traumatic experience leads to a phobia or fear of driving or swimming in deep water.


Some humans fear a painful death more than anything and will go on extreme diets to try and avoid debilitating life threatening diseases like cancer. In many phobias the fear of death is frequently the underlying cause for it. Fear of being bitten by a spider or snake is because there is a fear that you will die if it happens.


Many humans fear psychological death and fear being called stupid, crazy, incompetent, or a liar. They don’t do certain things because they fear the end of or death of a smart, sane, competent, and honest reputation.


This fear of the end or death of a relationship or good reputation motivates us to behave in certain ways trying to avoid the end or death of a relationship or good reputation. An end to or death of experiences and possessions is feared and motivates us to do over half of the things which we do in life.


Other humans can calm our fear of death and religions have an answer which many accept such as reincarnation or heaven which is a concept of some form of continuing life after physical death.  Whatever your beliefs or feelings about death most of us learn to live life without constantly obsessing about death and develop coping skills to deal with personal death and the death of close and distant humans.



Fear of psychological and physical death motivates us to do most of the things which we do in life so death and an attempt to avoid it is a primary important motivator of most humans.

The pyramids, statues, trust funds, foundations, literary, and artistic works are frequently futile attempts at leaving eternal reminders of our greatness after physical death.


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