What is the purpose of life? One way of looking at life is to say that it is the setting of goals and achieving them consciously and/or unconsciously.


Eating and drinking are daily goals and we frequently have to decide what we will eat and drink and when. Other common goals are schooling, working, shopping, socializing, getting married, dating, and enjoying pleasant pastimes.


Most of us settle into routines or habitual behaviors and just live life without making any dramatic long duration goals which frequently require much talent such as becoming a celebrity, business success, or an important leader in an organization.


Few of us consciously set priorities in our life and determine which goals are realistically worth pursuing and which ones aren’t that important to strive for and do because they are not that realistic or they are just a waste of time, energy, and money. This leads many to lead rather mundane lives with some randomness which seldom results in huge successes or achievements in life.


Not many budget their money, set priorities, schedule time in their life, and make long duration goals but have their hands full and are caught up in the daily struggle to survive financially, just try to hold on to a job, and live life struggling with many setbacks, disappointments, and failures.


Life is ever changing for most of us and what we do as young adults, in middle age, and in old age can be very different with different sets of priorities or goals.


Finally that you can be what you want to be is not always a good philosophy to have because you may be biting off more than you can chew or can be setting unrealistic goals in your life. It is very important that you consciously try to assess you true abilities and potential and make realistic goals so that you don’t become pessimistic about life and live a tragic life of too much failure and disappointment.


You can still be happy with life if you no longer have lofty goals but more realistic ones which will not stress you out and be constant blows to your ego and sense of self-worth.



Budgeting your money, setting priorities, scheduling the time in your life, working hard, and learning new skills and knowledge are great goals to have and they will help you to make much progress in life but they may not be enough to land you your dream job or a prestigious leadership position.


Instead of becoming pessimistic and sinking into depression readjust your priorities or goals in life to more realistic ones.


Don’t be afraid of change which may lead to new possibilities of failure because new experiences will help to teach you more about your real potential in life. You will learn and make adjustments and hopefully optimize the possible realistic happiness in your life.


If you don’t like the way things are turning out then set new priorities or make new goals and there is a good chance that things will improve or you may have to change your goal priorities again if there is no improvement which satisfies you.


Never give up living life because it is the only life which you were given. Make the best of it that you can!


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