Daily Archives: April 13, 2014



Don’t be timely and you will irritate a human. Waste a human’s time by showing up late or making someone wait on you and by talking about personal problems or random things almost no one cares about and you will irritate a human.


Ignore humans not in your social status or much different from you and they won’t like you as a human being as much.


You ask too many favors, especially big ones all the time and become a major irritant.


You ask a question and follow it up with a long explanation of what you think the answer should be and almost demand to be heard on the subject.


You almost demand that humans respect you for your important position or status in a boastful way.


You begin to criticize human’s for weaknesses which they reveal about themselves feeling that you are justified in doing so and not realizing that feelings will be hurt.


You like to brag and even though you try to hide it humans can detect in your tone of voice and words that you are really trying to brag covertly.


You try to push your opinions on others who disagree with them.




All the above will irritate humans and make them feel less about you and not respect you as much as you would like to be respected.



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