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Nature is beautiful and so are many technological highly functional marvels. Artistic products on the other hand are frequently mutant forms of human creativity out of control which are frequently ugly and bad mutant created forms which are substandard when compared to natural beauty.

Why impressionistic, cubist, etc. paintings are considered beautiful is beyond me and is just testament to the fact that humans can be brainwashed into liking crap. Salvador Dali and his surrealism is mostly a realistic natural painter who uses his imagination to pollute the canvas in sometimes stunning ways so even though I praise him for sticking to a lot of realism, he falls short as a standard bearer of natural beauty.

Cartoons are examples of minimalist human and natural forms which are simplified because technology wasn’t that advanced to make the portrayal of natural forms cost effective. Today we have the technological ability to go back to nature with Avatar the movie as an example of creative human effort where imagination is combined with natural beauty and the theme respects nature and does not destroy nature or natural forms.

It has been scientifically proven that babies prefer natural human faces to doll faces and it is only a bad minimalist culture which promotes unnatural forms because they are cheap and easy to manufacture. The vast disrespect for nature is probably due to the fact that we are surrounding ourselves with unnatural forms and products of all kinds which lack natural beauty. Biodiversity is being devastated because human kind is hell bent on making nature into its self-image which is an artificial world surrounded by bad mutant artistic forms.

Surround humanity with natural beauty and chances are that humanity will again start to respect wilderness plants and animals in much larger quantities than today and will want to conserve or protect natural animals and plants from destruction. Native American Indians had a respect for nature because they were surrounded by it.

It is time that we surrounded modern humans with as much nature and its natural beauty as possible before it is too late to save what little there is left of wilderness, a safety net of healthy plants and animals which we can rely upon when domestication starts producing even unhealthier irreversible food than today due to technologically short sighted non organic farming techniques.

Surround yourself with as much healthy natural beauty as possible, eat healthy organic food, and the probability that you will be healthy mentally and physically too greatly increases!!!!!!



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