Historically music used to be much more structured and melodious with snippets which stuck in the mind and were fun to repeat by singing or humming. Today most music is much less melodic such as rap style music or music with a conversational style which has no nice melody. Frankly talk music with a background beat is not very appealing to most and doesn’t stick in memory for very long.

Trance music is an example of a repetitive beat and nothing much more. The result is that the popularity of the music is limited to cliquish groups of individuals without massive public hit status. The internet is to blame for some of this cliquishness because very many new groups are trying to become star celebrities with rare success because even if they write and sing a great song they still have to promote it to a large audience and maintain celebrity status with follow up great hits.

Very many new groups are one hit wonders who can’t follow up successfully with other hit songs and most of their music is unfortunately random garbage or music which is not that pleasant to listen to.

It is a shame that the quality of music is so low because great music can truly be emotionally inspiring and pleasant to listen to. I try to blame my distaste for most modern music on old age but there is much truth to the basic fact that there are more songs being written today than ever before and rare ones are actually classics or songs which will weather the test of time.

There is a huge quantity of music being produced but unfortunately it is not quality music or music which you hear once, are captivated, and want to listen to it again. The video with new technological effects is frequently much better than the music itself and it is probably a major reason why young humans repeat listening to the music and watching the video more than once.

If you are young then you probably don’t think that you are mostly listening to crappy music but for those of you who are older my suggestion is listen to the biggest hits of all time starting in the 40’s and work your way up to the twenty first century, a century of disappointing music so far.

A guide to your listening pleasure is my evergreen truth book BEST OF THE BEST SONGS IN THE WORLD. Discover some of the greatest classics by reading the book and listening to the songs on Youtube for free.

Maybe computer generated musical compositions will do a better job of composing music in the future, but for now, the state of music is very poor and shows no signs of getting any better soon.

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