guns Guns should be legal for law abiding citizens to use in emergencies. No police protection after hurricane devastation, a policeman strike, in the home during a burglary or rape, out in the country, for small businesses without surveillance cameras, on the street in a bad or crime ridden neighborhood, and protection against tyrannical measures taken by the government are all excellent reasons for having a gun.

Guns are the last line of defense against short duration criminal activity and the last line of defense against a violent takeover by the military or government forces. Those who don’t think that guns are important for citizens to have should just look at Putin’s violent takeover of the Crimea and military threats to invade a largely disarmed Ukraine.

Guns are and will be always necessary for law abiding citizens and any gun control laws should make it illegal for humans with felony criminal records to own them with severe jail terms if they don’t comply. Carrying concealed weapons in high crime neighborhoods should be permitted so that criminals think twice about robbing some unsuspecting citizen of their wallet.

Not everyone will have to carry a concealed weapon because criminals will always be wondering about the possibility that either the victim or a passerby will be armed and ready to use the weapon. Fear of being killed and fear of being severely jailed for carrying a weapon after a felony conviction is the only way to reduce premeditated crime in dangerous neighborhoods.

Yes, more guns translate into slightly more gun accidents and gun deaths but the protection afforded law abiding citizens on a daily basis is well worth the seemingly bad statistical cost and is an excellent way of keeping crime lower than it otherwise would be.

The only thing that hardened criminals and corrupt tyrannical governments fear is an armed law abiding citizen with a gun!!!!!!

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