The goal of parenting should be to raise moral, hardworking, dependable, independent adults without very bad habits such as alcoholism, drugs, and gambling and hope that they will somehow find success and happiness in their lives.

Raising offspring who don’t lie, aren’t deceptive, don’t steal, are not promiscuous, and are dependable is a hard job in a world filled with lies, deceptions, promiscuity, and irresponsibility. If you raise moral offspring they will also have to learn that many others lie, deceive, are promiscuous, and are irresponsible and that this applies to organizations as well as individual humans.

Teaching your offspring to be honest, sincere, and dependable in a sea of lying, irresponsible, deceptive humanity is not easy and if you are a close to perfect moral role model there will be plenty of role models in society not to imitate because they are morally corrupt and are leading dysfunctional lives.

Teaching your offspring to successfully navigate through those bad social role models and seek out the good role models is not an easy task but it is your job, especially for young offspring, to expose them to as many good role models in society as possible and that is basically monitoring the friends which your offspring associate with.

Teaching your offspring to become independent adults is not easy in a technological world where liberal arts is increasingly job poor. You should encourage them to embrace as much technology as possible and motivate them to pursue technological careers but not stress out too much if they choose a liberal arts field, especially if they excel in it.

You and your spouse are the most important role models in your offspring’s lives. If you are not moral, hardworking, dependable, and independent then don’t expect your offspring to become much better or have more success in their lives than you.


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