The average cost of hospital delivery is $30,000 and for a C-Section it is $50,000 or $20,000 more. Add to the profit motive the fear by more than a third of doctors of being sued for a failed healthy delivery and you have the reason why C-Sections in the past 40 years have climbed from 5% to about 33% of all deliveries of newborns.

C-Sections are a money making scam and if you are a healthy young expectant mother then you should seriously consider giving natural birth at home with the assistance of a midwife and you can save yourself $50,000 if you have no insurance.

C-Sections are a major surgery with the possibility of infection and a longer hospital stay. If you have one C-Section then your future offspring will also be C-Sections because the first surgery may have damaged the abdominal wall  thus making natural delivery riskier the next time.

Of course if you have a sonogram and there are medical reasons for having a C-Section such as a knotted placenta or a gargantuan 12 pound over sized baby then a C-Section may be necessary but in most cases a sonogram is a good predictor of whether you will have a successful natural childbirth and you will know what the sex of your offspring is.

Be brave, have a sonogram made close to delivery as a safety precaution and go for a natural child birth out of a hospital or in a hospital if you have insurance. The odds are in your favor!!!


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