Honesty:  n. being truthful and/or (without intentional fraudulent and/or deceptive behavior)

Honesty, telling the truth, or not lying is the best policy if you want a good reputation but that need not mean that you have to give honest answers to questions which are probing your private affairs. If you think it is privileged information then ignore the question or honestly say that you would rather keep the information confidential.

Brutal honesty should be avoided, especially name calling. If someone deserves criticism for doing something stupid, crazy, or incompetent then don’t say- You are stupid, crazy, or incompetent! Say that what you did was wrong or bad and maybe offer an example of what you would have done instead.

Avoid using vague superlatives such as ugly, hate, disgusting, weird, vulgar, loathsome, creepy, and yucky. If you must criticize then say that you dislike something a lot or that it is inappropriate and give your reasons why. If you give a reasonable reason for the objection then the human will not feel personally offended and think that you are calling them an ugly, hateful, disgusting, weird, or creepy human.

Deception is also a form of lying or not being honest and means that you are only being partially honest with hidden lies or hidden bad consequences.

Sincerity is honest communication with a respect for another’s feelings so if you are being honest then take into consideration the fact that feelings may be hurt if you give brutal honest criticism.

Be honest, sincere, dependable, and without deception and you will have a great reputation and most humans will respect and maybe even admire you!!!!!!

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