There are many historical forms of contraception with the most popular being birth control pills, condoms, vasectomies, and the original form which is coitus interruptus which basically means withdrawing the penis before ejaculation.

Contraception can be good if used for family planning or limiting the number of offspring births but unfortunately it is also an incentive for some to be promiscuous without any bad consequences other than perhaps the risk of getting an STD or a sexually transmitted disease.

Any smart couple should use contraception to avoid the financial burden of too many offspring and it also does the overpopulated world a favor by not adding too many new humans to pollute the environment more than it is doing already.

The least fortunate are in some underdeveloped countries where many offspring are considered social security in old age and frequently illiteracy is the primary reason why there is no contraception or family planning. This leads to much starvation and a hard life with additional offspring mouths to feed on already severely limited resources.

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