The truth is that you are successful if you make goals and achieve them no matter how small or large the goals may be.

Some derelicts and cancer patients find living another day to be a success and at the other extreme some don’t consider themselves to be successful until they become very wealthy or a celebrity.

Most of us have relatively small successes such as getting a good job, marrying your soul mate, and being able to afford the small pleasures in life which may be pleasant pastimes, hobbies, and good friends.

The two greatest barriers to success is that you don’t have enough natural talent to excel at something you ideally want to achieve or you have many bad habits which cause a string of failures at trying to achieve worthwhile goals. You can’t do much to change an absence of talent but through hard work, determination, self-motivation, and realistic optimism you can almost always improve your lifestyle and make your life more successful.

To become qualitatively more successful set priorities in your life and divide up goal achievement into smaller steps. Achieve some easy goals first to gain some confidence and then try to achieve the harder goals which will take more time, determination, self-motivation, and realistic optimism.

Worthwhile success is infrequently achieved without some failure and some of the greatest successes have come from humans who have failed a thousand times and finally achieve that elusive goal after incredible persistence and determination. Success is infrequently a straight and narrow easy path but one with many unexpected twists and turns which frequently take you momentarily off a straight path to achievement.

If you are realistic in your goal setting then you will have more achievement or successes in your life. Don’t make any pie in the sky goals which have no or very little probability of ever being achieved!!!!!!

If you live the average lifespan for a male or female then you can consider yourself to be a success because many bad addictive behaviors such as drugs and alcoholism, risky living, careless accidents, and unhealthy eating can shorten your lifespan considerably.

Remember, you are a success if you just live to see another day no matter how shitty your life may seem at the moment.

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