Evolution: n. a relatively gradual change in a lifeform(s) frequently from simple to complex

Whether you believe that the universe was created from an almost infinitesimal point in space billions of years ago or whether you think the universe and earth was made in 6 days about 6000 years ago, these are both hair brained ideas which will never be proven and will be debated until the end of humanity or religion.

Evolution on the other hand is the idea that everything in the universe is changing, sometimes speedily and sometimes in almost imperceptible ways or very slowly. Evolution of humans, animals, and plants tends to be towards more complexity although the human world has gotten more complex and there is strong evidence that human intelligence is actually on the decline from a biological point of view. There are fewer and fewer geniuses in this world each day so we may in fact assume that the human species and its brains are evolving backwards to greater simplicity.

Whether living organisms are evolving towards greater complexity or simplicity at any moment is a debatable topic but what is not debatable is that the world is undergoing radical change due to human overpopulation and destructive human intervention in the environment.

DNA knowledge and its future manufacture may lead to complex human, animal, and plant organism DNA’s. Complex technology may even lead to smart robots which are more intelligent than most humans. We may in fact in the not too distant future be able to help nature along it’s evolutionary path from simple to complex organisms and technology.

Most of these new organisms will be mutant forms of life and their long duration survival on the face of this precious earth is under a big question mark. Will human intervention with life increase its complexity or ultimately destroy what little healthy complexity has evolved? Human destiny will answer those questions in the long duration. I only regret that I will not live long enough to find out.

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