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Punish Children With Right Method_3

Punishment: n. doing and/or giving a frequently unpleasant subset(s) which is done and/or given for not achieving a goal(s) and/or for doing a (bad and/or wrong) and/or illegal subset(s)

If you misbehave as children you have privileges temporarily suspended, if you are very late coming home then your spouse may harshly criticize you, if you are adulterous you get divorced, if you don’t get a useful education then you will probably not find a good paying job, if you do a lousy job then you get fired or demoted, if you commit a crime and are caught then you go to jail, and if you have a bad personality then you probably will have few if any friends.

These are just a few examples of punishments which humans and society enforces for bad or unacceptable behavior. We would all ideally like to be rewarded for everything which we do but the sad fact is that we do some pretty shitty things and punishments of all kinds will impact you in your life both small and large.

Many are leading unhappy unfulfilling lives and what they don’t realize that it is frequently punishment for not doing necessary things in the past such as following good role models. Life is not fair or just and it is frequently because you didn’t have good parents, good friends, or good role models to follow or imitate.

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