Relationships with offspring, spouse, close friends, friends, and casual acquaintances all require a slightly different skill set.

If you are honest, sincere, dependable, competent, and in effect moral and trustworthy then you should be respected and even admired by close relationships and the chances are good that you will also have good relationships with them.

Be immoral by lying and deceiving much, be unreliable, be incompetent and generally untrustworthy and you will have bad friends if you have any at all.

To improve relationships further it helps to be a good listener and conversationalist who can relate to and understands different humans and social classes. It helps if you have a good education and are interested in more things than just your job or family so that you have interesting things to talk about with other humans, especially if those interests correspond to their interests. If you have similar interests then you will improve your chances of a good two way conversation.

If you can read the emotional state of the human that you are relating to then you will be far more successful in communicating without unnecessary arguments, confrontations, and disagreements. Conflict where one side is trying to win at all costs should be avoided if possible if you want to maintain a good relationship.

Relationships need time, energy, and frequently money to maintain or even improve them so make sure that you allocate most of your time, energy, and money to the most important human relationships in your life.

Job or career relationships come first and family second unless there is a crisis situation in the family. Social contacts beyond job or family can be important if you are in sales or a leader in an organization which is looking for new customers or new members.

Remember, if you want interesting good relationships then you have to be interesting yourself and good too. If you are poor, badly educated, and unemployed then don’t expect your best friends to be rich, educated, and fun to be with!!!!!!

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