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Culture: n. the normative knowledge and/or experience and/or beliefs and/or attitudes and/or morals of a group of humans

What is the difference between cultures? They basically eat different food, some dress radically different, some are industrialized and some are largely still agrarian, some have different beliefs or moral codes, have different customs, and they speak different languages or with a different dialect.

The desires, needs, and wants of the humans are basically the same. They want water, food, clothing, shelter, transportation, some want offspring, many want a job or work, and many want an opportunity to have a better life.

The standard of living in different cultures is varied with some leading a relatively leisurely life and others struggling to survive at bare subsistence levels with even starvation and death being a daily preoccupation.

World unity is handicapped primarily because of cultural bias and the differing political systems which rule over them.

Big money is trying to unify and rule the world but unfortunately there needs to be a unified secular morality and uniform rules for behavior which are reflected in similar constitutions.

Nations are now competing against one another as are cultures and the only way to truly unify them is with a common language and a political unity of poor nations with rich ones.

“Divide and conquer” should be replaced with a battle cry of “unite politically and conquer” so that the most prosperous economies can absorb the least prosperous ones and unify the world at a faster clip than it is happening already.

Biodiversity and human survival on the face of this precious planet is at stake and the last thing we need is competing divided nations devastating their natural resources to the max trying to survive and raise living standards in the global economy with an increasing national human population.

My evergreen truth book GLOBALISM shows how the world can be unified much sooner into one conscientious world community with the conservation of biodiversity being of primary importance for the health and wellbeing of future generations.



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