Time to Adapt - Clock

Adaptation: n. changing to achieve a goal(s) which is no longer possible to achieve without change and/or adjusting to changes in the environment

Change is inevitable in life and humans who don’t change or learn to adapt to new circumstances sometimes suffer greatly emotionally and frequently sink into depression or get hooked on addictive drugs and alcohol to try and escape their unfortunate predicament. Quite a few former celebrities and sports stars lose their fame and wind up living rather unfulfilling lives with drug abuse problems and profligate bad habits which frequently lead to bankruptcy.

One of the major keys to successful adaptation is finding new goals to try and achieve when the old lifestyle is no longer appropriate. Changing jobs, learning new knowledge and skills, moving to another part of the country such as from the city to the farm, and finding a new significant other are just some of the ways which are used to adapt to necessary change in an otherwise dysfunctional life.

In nature you either learn to adapt to changes in the environment or you starve and die and in the human experience you either learn to adapt  to new circumstances or you lead a rather miserable dysfunctional life until the day that you die.

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