cw photography

Photography has two major flaws which make it an imperfect art in many cases. It frequently leaves the background and/or foreground out of focus and frequently doesn’t take an action photo at the most interesting moment.

These two flaws are probably why action photography or videos are fast replacing still photography as a preferable form of recording nature and events. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth hundreds of thousands of words.

Amateur photography, the cell phone, and the internet have greatly cut into the profitability of photography.  There are few who can successfully survive making a living just doing wedding shots, magazine photos, or celebrity photos.

Photoshop and other photography software have opened the floodgates of photographic creativity but the skill required is becoming more complex and  fewer choose to spend the time necessary to master the needed skills.

Photography is not really a dying profession but it is getting increasingly harder to make a living at it.

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