Appeasement: n. excluding dissatisfaction by fulfilling a demand(s) which we frequently don’t want to fulfill but reluctantly do

Cut back on your TV watching and spend more time with the offspring! This is a demand which is sometimes made by spouses and the demand is frequently appeased with less TV watching but reluctantly.

You invade the Crimea and demand that it become part of Russia. If this happens then you are appeasing the Russian tyrant and aggression if you don’t take any counter measures or enforce punishing economic penalties.

There is political appeasement, spouse appeasement, and business appeasement such as giving in to demands for wage increases by a union or individual worker. In business a demand for a wage increase is frequently appeased reluctantly by the boss or owner if it is a good necessary worker.

Demands in real life are frequent no matter what the human source and we frequently have no choice but to appease those demands to avoid future confrontations and arguments about the same subject matter. Instead of appeasement you can try to formulate a compromise which satisfies both parties.

There is nothing like success to create more demands and if you appease too much then you will have a very controlling demanding tyrannical human in your life.



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