Apology: n. regretfully communicating the acknowledgement of a mistake(s) and/or bad behavior(s) which frequently injures someone and/or hurts someone’s feelings and/or sense of selfworth

Most apologies should start off with a sincere “Sorry”, demonstrating genuine regret that you made a mistake or did something bad which injured a human or hurt their feelings and/or sense of selfworth.

Most have a very high regard for themselves and don’t want to admit that they did something immoral, bad, or made a mistake.

Sometimes we hope that if we don’t respond with an apology then the mistake or bad behavior won’t be noticed. Wrong. If possible you should almost always apologize sooner rather than later because you don’t want to start to create an impression that you have a deceptive personality and that you will only apologize if caught for a misdeed but otherwise are secretive about it.

Sometimes we name call with words like stupid, crazy, lazy, bitch, ugly, and pig, argue feverishly, harshly criticize, ridicule, offend, and use put down phrases hurting someone’s feelings and/or sense of selfworth.

An apology should frequently be forthcoming if you do any of the above insensitive non empathetic things. Making up is frequently the phrase used to signify that you are sorry for what you did. You can sometimes do the apology with more than just words and follow it up by doing or promising to do something nice to make up for the bad behavior.


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