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Approvement: n. judging a subset(s) to be good and/or right and this judgment is sometimes bad and/or wrong for the average human.

(Criminals and/or deceivers) and/or liars frequently approve of bad and/or wrong behavior

Approval can come from a law or rule, judge, expert, authority, commoner, or immoral human.

Be careful who you get your approval from because it may be illegal and/or immoral.

Most humans are very opinionated and they impulsively approve or disapprove of many opinions, ideas, beliefs, and behaviors. If you approve of something then you usually say “yes” and emotionally feel pleasant about what you are approving of.

If you do not approve of something then you usually say “no” or use words like stupid, crazy, nasty, horrible, terrible, disgusting, outrageous, unacceptable, bad, lousy, shitty, crappy, it sucks, and many more words and phrases which convey disapproval.

You have to be careful not to offend someone by your disapproval of someone’s behavior because words like stupid will upset someone who doesn’t think that they are stupid. They may have done only a few stupid things in their recent past but not enough to be labeled or stereotyped as being a stupid human.

The danger in approving something arises when you have been deceived or lied to and trust that what a human is telling you is the truth.

You may invest much money in a friend recommended supper risky penny stock only to find out that almost all the value is gone in a day or two.

You may be very tempted to invest thousands in a company recommended by a friend of yours because it returns as much as 20% a year on invested money which turns out to be a Ponzi scheme and you lose it all.

You may trust an acquaintance’s promise to pay you back a $20 dollar loan only to find out that the acquaintance vanishes from view and never pays you back the $20.

You lend $2000 to a friend and he or she never pays you back and you lose a friend because you never forgive them for not paying you back.

You may approve of your offspring going out late at night on their own only to discover the next day that they went out and got drunk and did drugs with some bad friends.

You may approve of your spouse’s spending habits only to find out that she or he maxed out the credit card and created great financial stress.

You may say yes and do someone a small favor only to find out that they have a list of new favors to ask you which start to really annoy you.

You trust the dealer’s good description of a used car only to later find out that you purchased a lemon.

Be careful of approving anything where money changes hands and be wary of humans promising to do things when they have not fulfilled many of their promises in the past.

Beware of impulsive approval on important things in life such as buying a big house or committing to marriage which should require much conscientious thinking before saying yes to them, especially calculating the money which you will need to support a big house or family life.


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Attraction (human): n. (causing a desire to approach and/or causing a desire to spend time with) and/or (causing a desire to participate with and/or causing a desire to focus physically and/or mentally upon a subset(s) and/or set(s)) and/or (causing a desire for pleasure and/or causing a desire to do a subset(s))

In the most general terms attraction is causing a desire to do something(s). If you desire something(s) then you are attracted to that something(s).

We desire to surround ourselves with and/or stay close to the things which attract us. It may be a possession(s) and/or a human(s) and/or an event(s) such as a game and/or an environment such as the wilderness which we like or even love. When we leave the things which we like, love, or desire then we may feel regretful or sad and hope to return at some point in time.

When we are attracted to something then we generally approach it, spend time with it, participate in it, watch it, and find pleasure in interacting with it or just watching it.

What attracts us to a human? It may be his or her looks, the personality, the behavior, and status in society. We may like or love to interact with the human but sometimes we may be forced to interact with the human because we need the money from the job and not necessarily the human whom we may even dislike. We are attracted to humans because we basically like or love them but also sometimes because we need them for our own survival both physical and mental.

We are frequently attracted to things which we find pleasure in but sometimes it is because we need those things and humans for our financial survival and they give us the opportunity of pleasure by spending the money later on.

Generally or frequently we are attracted to or desire things which give us pleasure and/or things which we need for our (financial and/or physical) and/or mental survival. Mental survival or psychological survival means that we frequently desire to interact with humans who don’t threaten our beliefs and/or opinions.

Yes, we may be attracted to or desire physically dangerous or risky adventures and crave a debate which challenges our beliefs and opinions but we still hope to physically and mentally survive after the event(s) is over.

If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, approximately 700 so far, and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSE, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.