Attraction (human): n. (causing a desire to approach and/or causing a desire to spend time with) and/or (causing a desire to participate with and/or causing a desire to focus physically and/or mentally upon a subset(s) and/or set(s)) and/or (causing a desire for pleasure and/or causing a desire to do a subset(s))

In the most general terms attraction is causing a desire to do something(s). If you desire something(s) then you are attracted to that something(s).

We desire to surround ourselves with and/or stay close to the things which attract us. It may be a possession(s) and/or a human(s) and/or an event(s) such as a game and/or an environment such as the wilderness which we like or even love. When we leave the things which we like, love, or desire then we may feel regretful or sad and hope to return at some point in time.

When we are attracted to something then we generally approach it, spend time with it, participate in it, watch it, and find pleasure in interacting with it or just watching it.

What attracts us to a human? It may be his or her looks, the personality, the behavior, and status in society. We may like or love to interact with the human but sometimes we may be forced to interact with the human because we need the money from the job and not necessarily the human whom we may even dislike. We are attracted to humans because we basically like or love them but also sometimes because we need them for our own survival both physical and mental.

We are frequently attracted to things which we find pleasure in but sometimes it is because we need those things and humans for our financial survival and they give us the opportunity of pleasure by spending the money later on.

Generally or frequently we are attracted to or desire things which give us pleasure and/or things which we need for our (financial and/or physical) and/or mental survival. Mental survival or psychological survival means that we frequently desire to interact with humans who don’t threaten our beliefs and/or opinions.

Yes, we may be attracted to or desire physically dangerous or risky adventures and crave a debate which challenges our beliefs and opinions but we still hope to physically and mentally survive after the event(s) is over.

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