There are some things in this world which we are 100% certain of or we believe that they definitely existed in the past and will definitely exist in the future for a relatively long duration.  Certainty is being without any doubt.

We believe that George Washington, the first president of the United States, existed with certainty and we probably believe that the house which we live in will exist with certainty unless it burns down or is destroyed in some way. Most of us are certain that we will die physically at some point in the future and certain that the universe will exist in some form on into the distant future.

Many of us crave certainty and sub consciously would like to know with certainty what lies ahead for us in the future.  Unfortunately many things in life are uncertain and the further that you delve into the past or future the less certain we are of what actually existed or what will exist in the future. We are not certain how long our job will last or how long our family members will live and most things in life are probabilities which are less than 100% certain.

Fortune tellers, horoscope writers, new and old prophets, and seers fascinate some of us because they attempt to predict the future for us and some of us pay money for such personal prognostications.

Certainty: n. intensely believing (a subset(s) is 100% probable in the future and/or past) and/or (a subset(s) is completely true in the past and/or with a very large probability of truth and existence in the future)

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