Charisma: n. a rare personal quality of some leaders who arouse popular intense devotion and enthusiasm and is considered to be a form of very intense human attraction

Today most charismatic leaders who arouse popular intense devotion and enthusiasm have excellent memories, try to be honest, sincere, dependable, are good conversationalists,  are good public speakers, and are trustworthy and frequently show their competence by growing the organization which they are in charge of.

Steve Jobs and Richard Branson are modern day examples of successful charismatic leaders. Historically charismatic leaders were military leaders and rulers who had military success and increased the standard of living for many of their devoted followers.

Historically there were also diabolical charismatic leaders such as Hitler who had a gift for military conquest, public oratory, propaganda, and a glorification of the humans which he led. Ruthless, cruel, and even evil can be words used to describe some historically diabolical charismatic leaders.

Charisma to a large extent depends on whether you are successful in motivating others to share in your vision which frequently has relevance in the lives of the followers and satisfies their needs and wants for status and/or possessions.


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