Compassion: n. sympathy for a lifeform(s) and wanting to and helping in some way

You can empathize with someone’s misfortune and be sympathetic but if you are compassionate then you want and do try to help in some manner.

A sympathy card or spending some time together talking about the misfortune is minimally doing something about it. Your compassion may extend further and you may offer some financial aid or replace a lost item. Offering advice which will prevent future misfortune is also a sign of compassion.

Helping the poor is a sign of compassion and it can be done financially or with personal volunteer work which should be designed to help them get back into the workforce or prevent starvation.

The one area that we must truly show compassion is towards wilderness animals and plants. Stop stealing their real estate and contribute to conservation causes which will hopefully ensure their survival. You may not understand that destruction of wilderness means the destruction of human civilization in the long duration!!!!!!


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