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Confidence: n. freedom from most doubt when trying to achieve a subset(s) and this frequently exists with a large belief in oneself and in one’s abilities

We frequently like and are attracted to confident humans who are self-assured or seem to be sure of themselves and seem to be competent in their job and competent in their relationships with other humans. Someone who seems to know what they want out of life, who seems to have the ability to achieve his or her goals, and who has emotional mastery over themselves and others has great appeal to other humans. Most of us like a winner with a winning attitude and a confident human is frequently someone whom we admire and sometimes choose to follow.


Just like in almost all human characteristics you can go to extremes and be over confident with disastrous results in some situations.  Taking on more responsibilities than you can fulfill is frequently a situation which over confidence creates. Promising more than you can deliver is frequently a failure of over confident humans.


Women like confident men as long as they they don’t sense that the man is confidently manipulating their feelings and exploiting them. Confidence is not a virtue and it can be used for bad and immoral purposes too and con artists are some of the most confident humans that exist. Promiscuous attractive men are some of the most confident ones around and many feel that they can con almost any woman that they choose.


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