Competence: n. having the skills and/or knowledge and/or experience and/or attitude to do something within a known normative standard

Nothing is more frustrating and disappointing than incompetent service, incompetent professionals, incompetent car mechanics, and worse of all, an incompetent boss. Competence takes years of learning knowledge, learning necessary skills, having adequate on the job experience, and having the right attitude.


Frequently you get the most competent service from someone who has a good dependable reputation and is trustworthy and has given good service to other humans who respect and maybe even admire them. Word of mouth is sometimes useful in helping you to decide on the competence of a human but ultimately your appraisal of the service rendered to you is the most important.


Many competent humans have good social skills also and know how to interact with humans emotionally. They know their customers or workers and make an effort to please them in a genuine friendly way. They have the right attitude towards all types of humans both good and bad and can frequently differentiate between the two and act accordingly.


Introverts may not seem as social and emotional as extroverts but they are frequently very effective on the job and many are competent communicators about their job. They may be a little reserved in their interaction with random humans who don’t seem to have much relevance in their lives.


There is no such thing as a competent company but it can be a company with a good trustworthy reputation which has competent workers to service their customers.


Depending on the job a boss can be more authoritarian or more of a team player and the competence needs in each category are a unique set of skills and knowledge which are frequently not interchangeable.


Competent parents and competent relationships are decreasing due to a decrease in morality taught to impressionable young minds, due to a great hardship in landing and maintaining a good job, due to profligate spending and large credit card debt, due to bad celebrity role models, and due to the general promiscuous nature of western society. Secure families are imploding and more and more humans are having dysfunctional relationships with each other and with the opposite sex.

Competence in personal relationships and competence in a job can result in a relatively happy life with most of the basic human needs being satisfied.


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