Bureaucracy: n. (nonelected government officials and/or organization workers) who generally are inefficient with too many (unjust laws and/or rules) to (obey and/or enforce)


It is a general rule that the larger a bureaucracy the less efficient it becomes. There are no incentives to make government more efficient with cost cutting measures. Instead, if you generally don’t spend all the money in your department then the amount gets cut back in the following years and you as an administrator are forced to get by on less money. Frequently this results in wild profligate spending towards the end of the fiscal year trying to make sure that all the money is spent.


I have personally witnessed perfectly good interstate roads being torn up and replaced with new asphalt because money was left over for road repairs and the road didn’t need any repairs. The scene where there are five or more workers on the job and only one of them if any are doing any work is legend.


Roadways blocked off for more than a year because a small bridge is being built over a small stream and the road is being paved is gross government inefficiency which I have also personally witnessed. Local contractors are probably not able to do the job efficiently too and this results in lengthy delays which efficient interstate or statewide construction crews could do better and faster.


Local building laws are so numerous that houses are being built with too many electrical outlets in each room and hardwired smoke detectors in every room encouraging waste of copper raw material and encouraging profligate electrical use. Local laws prohibiting unlicensed work on shingle replacement and other house repairs is making maintenance of real estate very costly for the small investor.


Bureaucracy should encourage efficient cost cutting by rewarding government workers with increased pay if they find ways to cut costs in their department. About 50% of the money saved should be paid the worker responsible for the successful cost cutting measures.


Laws are necessary in civilized governments but IRS laws with a thousand and one exemptions and over 3000 pages of rules is unacceptable unjust taxation which favors accountants, lawyers, and big money who take advantage of the loopholes.


Antipollution laws, conservation of biodiversity, and maintaining the biodiversity of the food supply should be an important government function. Unfortunately, with government interference favoring agribusiness, big ranchers, and factory farming, the little organic farmer, who shouldn’t be taxed at all, is being endangered and the health of the food supply is getting much worse and not better.


Ultimately there is a choice between an efficient oppressive government or and inefficient oppressive government. I tend to prefer the former because it would be wasting less of my hard earned money. Oppression is just a political fact of life for the relatively powerless with little money.


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