Demand:  v. to communicate an urgent need and/or desire that someone do a subset(s) and sometimes with a threat of force and frequently getting another or others to achieve that need and/or desire.


Not all demands succeed with 100% certainty, especially parental demands on rebellious children or demands on complete strangers. Both are sometimes unwilling to comply with or obey your demands.


A command and demand are frequently confused. A command is and authoritative demand which is seldom questioned and frequently obeyed.


A demand is also frequently done by an authority human but the success of it being fulfilled is frequently less than a command.


Demands are sometimes also done by subordinates on authority humans if they feel in some way that the authority human is wrong or is doing an injustice. An overworked employee may make a demand for a salary increase from the boss and threaten to quit if the demand is not met.


In a marital relationship demands are sometimes made but almost no one likes to be bossed around so the demand is frequently met with resistance and/or disobedience. A demand communicated as a request can frequently have a greater probability of being fulfilled. Requesting such as “I am asking you to do me a favor” or ” It would be nice if you could do that” is frequently more successful than saying “do it!”

In business there is an inverse relationship between supply and demand. The bigger the demand the less the supply becomes and there is either scarcity or frequently and increase in price. Too big a supply frequently means abundance which is frequently accompanied by a price decrease.

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