Discipline: v. to use appropriate rewards and/or punishments to get obedience to a set of rules which limit behavior and create selfcontrol to speed up achieving a new goal(s)


Being disciplined by others is sometimes an unpleasant experience but teaching yourself selfdiscipline and disciplining yourself on your own is even harder to do and can be very unpleasant at times. Selfdiscipline is vital to success in life and it basically means learning new knowledge and skills on your own or doing so with the investment of personal time, energy, effort, and achievement.


Rewarding with praise or material rewards must be done judiciously so that your rewards are appropriate to the achievement. If you constantly give great enthusiastic praise for mediocre accomplishments or give great material rewards for mediocre or even minimal accomplishments then the one whom you are disciplining will fail to tell the difference between a truly great accomplishment and a mediocre one and your verbal and physical rewards will no longer be a motivating factor. The reward should fit or correspond to the accomplishment just as the punishment should fit or correspond to the crime or bad behavior.


Punishment should also be in appropriate degrees so that the one being disciplined can differentiate between very bad, bad, and not so bad results. If an offspring lies or steals then the punishment should be severe with the withdrawal of a very desirable privilege or even a spanking of a very young offspring if lying or stealing is almost becoming habitual. Lying and stealing is a moral transgression and should not be tolerated in the family unit! Being grounded may not be adequate punishment these days but the withdrawal of cell phone or computer privileges may be a deterrent to future bad behavior.


Learning new knowledge and skills takes much selfdiscipline and you should start early teaching your offspring the joys of learning new knowledge and skills by example, motivating, and sharing in the learning experience.


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