Discouragement: n. decreasing and/or minimizing a desire to reach a goal(s) and this can frequently be done to others by trying to prevent a behavior by frequently merely communicating opposition to the behavior and/or by forming or placing a barrier and/or by sometimes communicating bodily threats thus hoping to prevent a behavior with fear

We can feel discouraged because we fail to reach a goal(s) on our own.  Someone can discourage us from reaching a goal(s) by communicating opposition to what we want to do, by creating or placing a barrier between us and the goal(s), or by threatening us with severe consequences or injury if we attempt to reach the goal(s).


Society is a very discouraging place. If you don’t have the talent, education, financial backup, and right social connections then your attempts at reaching desired goals are frequently filled with failure and disappointment.


If you don’t have the talent then try to reach less ambitious goals.


If you don’t have the education then educate yourself using the internet and learn new knowledge and skills on your own.


If you don’t have the financial backup then save up the money needed, have good credit, and maybe someday you will qualify for a loan to succeed or get a chance to succeed at reaching your goal(s).


If you don’t have the right social connections then make the best of the ones which you have the ability to connect with.

Discouragement is a fact of life and if you are getting too discouraged then readjust your priorities or goals in life and follow some different or new ones where discouragement will not play such an important role.



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