Comfort: v. to sense mild pleasure without stress and/or anxiety and/or pain

When we are without stress, anxiety, and pain most of us feel comfortable although some may want to add having creature comforts like a nice bed, nice meal, comforting music, a house with appliances as also being necessary to feel comfortable in ones surroundings.

Most of us enjoy a comfortable feeling but others thrive on activity and stress and don’t enjoy comfort as much as most of us. Those who don’t like comfort may in fact feel guilty or uneasy if they are not constantly engaged in some kind of activity and they are frequently hyperactive personalities.

For those of us with much stress in our lives, much anxiety, and even pain it is a smart thing to try and relax for at least an hour or two before bedtime in relative comfort and to get plenty of sleep to recharge our bodies with energy for the next day’s dose of activity. Resting in mental and physical comfort a little during the day with meditation or before bedtime is a good way to balance an otherwise hectic life.

Some of us enjoy a comfortable life so much that we are not willing to take on new responsibilities or experience new things which would improve our lives. Those who love comfort too much are usually not that ambitious and are frequently satisfied with a status quo existence.

It is generally true that lazy humans enjoy comfort more than the rest of us.


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