Complaint: n. communicating dissatisfaction and annoyance at a subset(s)

We all complain about something and frequently complain about things which we can’t change such as the weather. No one likes a complainer and especially one who complains about the same thing over and over which is called nagging.


Plenty of things go wrong in life with mistakes made and sometimes behaving badly so complaints are a fact of life. A general rule of thumb is-if you can’t do anything about the source of your complaint then ignore it or try to avoid it but don’t stress about how bad you think an insoluble problem is.


If you don’t want to be annoying and irritating then don’t complain much unless you think the complaining will register and something can or will be done about it by you or someone else.

In business complaints are important and may be a good source of ideas for improving the product or service and making customers happier or more satisfied with what they purchase.

 The squeaky wheel usually gets attention but just like crying wolf more than once your complaining will be ignored if it goes on too long without resolution and your reputation as someone radiating negative vibes will scare away many humans whom you may want to attract.

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