Effort: n. investing time and energy and mental ability in achieving a goal(s)

We have sometimes been told that we are not putting enough effort into what we are doing. What does it really mean?


It means that we didn’t invest enough of our time, energy, and mental ability in trying to achieve the goal(s).


Mental ability is the only question mark because mental skills vary from human to human. Some are more logical than others and have more reasoning ability. Others have emotional strength or ability and will passionately and optimistically pursue a goal(s) through difficult times. Mental ability frequently means having the knowledge, emotional and logical tenacity to pursue a goal(s) until it is achieved.


Investing energy also sometimes means investing physical strength in an effort to do something and we may just be inadequate physically to achieve a goal(s) which requires great strength.


Given enough time most goal(s) can be achieved through persistent, determined, and persevering effort with the right human connections. Unfortunately most of us are constrained by not enough time or being too busy and don’t put enough time into many worthwhile goal(s) which frequently remain unachieved.


Some of us put in much effort just living day to day without conscious long duration goals and the result is that one day is much like another day without any major changes. Most live life without putting in much difficult effort unless it is doing difficult work on the job. The result is frequently that few worthwhile truly important goals in life are achieved or accomplished.


At one extreme there are the workaholics and at the other the lazy bums and most of us fall in somewhere in between the two extremes. The former put in much effort and the latter put in relatively little effort.


There is physical and mental effort and most useful jobs in society are increasingly requiring more mental than physical effort.


As a semi-retired human I am finding out that I am putting in much more mental than physical effort to live life and it is something which I highly recommend for retired humans. When you can no longer exercise your body that well then at least exercise your brain by learning new knowledge and mental skills to keep you young and vital mentally.

One of the things needed for a fulfilling life is maintaining a busy life as long as you can even though in your retirement years it should be a busy mental life with moderate exercise.

Finally effort alone will sometimes not achieve a goal(s) and the right tools, information, human connections, or goods and an investment of money is also needed.

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