Emotion: n. a very intense mental and/or brain sensation and/or the behaviors which exist with samer sensation

We are a human species very susceptible to emotional flare ups which come and go with various degrees of intensity of primarily fear, love, and hate. We fear that we will not survive physically and mentally with all our beliefs, opinions, and habitual behaviors and we are constantly trying to defend them largely impulsively and rarely rationally.


The language biases us in favor of a highly emotional existence rather than a logical one and until we change the way that we use language we will wallow in our emotional irrational biases. We intuitively feel that the conservation of our emotionally biased personal world view is vital to our physical and mental survival.


Intuition and impulsive behavior primarily guides most of our lives which is based on prior experiences with the environment and especially other humans with which we have interacted with in our past. Many of us are handicapped with less than perfect looks, mediocre memories, bad role models, mediocre education, and financially relatively poor resources.


Many of us are trapped with many bad habits and relatively bad relationships with other humans and we are emotionally conditioned to stay in our traps because our emotions frequently don’t sense a logical way out of our limiting predicament. Human competition is everywhere and we are constantly reminded by society that we are much less than ideal role models physically, educationally, mentally, and financially.

There are the relatively few in leadership positions and most of us are the gullible irrational brainwashed followers in an increasingly immoral human world which is rapidly destroying biodiversity and in the process threatening the long duration survival of humans on the face of this precious endangered planet.


A primary reason why humanity is so shitty is that an emotional language and emotional indoctrination is used to condition humans who then mostly behave irrationally in their lives almost randomly experimenting with life without seeing much purpose and not logically planning successful courses of action for their lives and setting good goals in life.


An emotional overdose of free expression is largely a western predicament because other parts of the world are still largely regimented with minimal freedom to let their emotions run wild in society but the emotions still trap them to live the limiting lives which they live.


The language needs a logical updating and young humans need to be indoctrinated with a secular moral code worldwide if this world has any hope of surviving into the distant future in a healthy, sane, peaceful, and environmentally sustainable way.


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