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Entertainment: n. using a subset(s) which tries to give much pleasure and usually gives little useful knowledge and/or information

The world is being saturated with entertainment for the masses in the form of music, movies, sports, games, mindless TV, and the glorification of gambling, alcohol and drug use.

Movies and comedy is plagued by profanity, drug references, and promiscuity which devastates more young lives than it helps all in the name of freedom and entertainment.

Western societies are obsessed with entertainment and are deluded into thinking that anything which you do should be fun or it is not worth doing.

Our role models are celebrities who rise to fame and then do stupid things to maintain that celebrity status once their popularity wanes. Too many are very bad role models with dysfunctional family relationships and excursions into addictive drug abuse habits.


Many in the younger generation aspire to be celebrities and don’t realize that you have to be relatively attractive, very talented, with very good memories to make it in the celebrity world.


The brainwashing continues during mediocre schooling in the subjective biased liberal arts which is job poor and even graduates wind up working for minimum wage or slightly more upon graduation.


We have a largely unskilled generation with poor job skills because they haven’t been taught the need for a useful technological education in the modern fast changing technological 21st century.


An overdose of entertainment without a logical functional purpose is largely responsible for the absence of realistic goals in the lives of many citizens. Purposeless frequently depressed lives seeking the next pleasure fix and next thing to buy is rampant. Instead of seeking useful improvement of bad habits and setting realistic goals in life many are wallowing in an entertainment haze interrupted daily by shitty jobs or no job.

There is good entertainment, bad entertainment, and a mixture of good and bad entertainment in society and unfortunately young impressionable minds can’t tell the difference between good and bad and are the victims of the bad entertainment which is growing in influence and devastating many lives and preventing many from living more wholesomely.

The health of a society can be judged by the entertainment which is pursued and unfortunately most of western entertainment is quite bad and getting worse.

Filling in leisure time with fun activities is what entertainment is all about. Show business is the major source of entertainment with movies, music, TV, and the internet providing most of it. Some enjoy sports and actively participate but many are just passive observers sitting down or attending sporting events and concerts.

Western societies are obsessed with entertainment and are deluded into thinking that anything which you do should be fun or it is not worth doing.

Education is handicapped with an emphasis on fun and even serious topics such as medical shows frequently succumb to entertainment mania and try to devise broadcasting techniques which entertain more than inform.

Reality shows are not in fact reality but staged presentations to captivate the attention of audiences and entertain.

With actors and celebrities as the major role models there are few willing to put in the time, effort, and achievement and work hard trying to become skilled and knowledgeable technically where most of the future jobs are. Massive unemployment and an entitlement attitude is very prevalent and not many seem to want to put much effort into a job anymore, especially if it isn’t fun.

Many are stuck in shitty jobs, bad relationships, feel hopeless and try to escape a bad life with alcohol, drugs, and gambling which is a form of pleasure seeking and entertainment for an unhappy mind. 

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