Confusion: n. caused meaninglessness and/or inability to judge by (large complexity and/or vagueness) and/or (misleading and/or knowledgelessness) and/or (uncertainty and/or newness) and/or irrationality

Frequently we are confused or don’t understand what to do or can’t make a judgment because it is a new situation which we have never dealt with before and don’t feel certain what to do under the circumstances.


We can be confused because a situation is so complex that we don’t understand it and don’t know what to do.


Confusion also exists if we have no knowledge in a field and can’t make a right decision about a situation.


Confusion can exist if something is irrational and doesn’t make logical sense.


Confusion can exist if instructions are too vague and we can’t follow them to a logical conclusion.


Confusion can also result from misleading information with contradictory statements or irrational instructions.


Finally confusion can exist if there is too much uncertainty and we fear making any decision to take action.


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