Encouragement: n. caring for and/or motivating an animal(s) so that a goal(s) can be achieved

Offspring need more encouragement than adults and sometimes caring or nurturing and protecting them gives them the courage to explore their environment and is the encouragement they need to live a challenging relatively fear free existence. Verbal rewards in the form of praise are what offspring crave and motivates them to behave and do things which the parents approve of.


Food treats and toys should not be used as motivating devices to get offspring to behave because they will associate good behavior with food and toy rewards which are external motivators and will not develop necessary internal self-motivation to behave well.


The best kind of encouragement for offspring is parental involvement or sharing of educational experiences which teach offspring about the necessary knowledge and skills needed in this world. Encouraging offspring well is being a good role model and doing the things which you expect your offspring to also do.


Adults also need encouragement with praise, assurance, emotional empathy, good advice, instruction, and sometimes money rewards to get them to achieve worthwhile goals.


Sometimes persuasion is necessary to encourage a human to do something which they may at first be reluctant to do on their own.


 If you are honest, sincere, dependable, trustworthy, caring, and competent then your encouragement will be more respected and accepted more frequently by other humans.


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