You know how to eliminate the users, the time suckers, and the emotionally needy from your life.

You should have more good friends than just your high school buddies or college roommates but you don’t feel depressed if you only have one good close trustworthy friend.

You understand that being a good listener is better than being a good talker in relationships with humans.

You understand and can interact successfully with all kinds of personalities.

You understand that gossiping lessens your reputation and not theirs.

You can laugh off jerks instead of getting angry or enraged at them.

You know how to select good close friendships and spend most of your time on them and not casual ones.

You know that good close relationships are more important than money.

You know you can eat almost anything in moderation but prefer organic food.

You know what really matters in your life and avoid needless trivial goals.

You have learned to calmly discuss marital problems and not have angry confrontations.

You have learned that spending some time with family is important to balance an urge to be a consummate workaholic.

You know that a successful marriage takes work but you know it is worth it.

You don’t mind spending time alone to recharge or just enjoy some peace and quiet time with yourself.

You know it is perfectly fine to stay at home on Friday and Saturday nights if there is nothing important to do.

You prefer comfortable shoes and clothes over flashy ones.

You aren’t afraid of stopping to read, after the first 5 pages, a best seller everyone is talking about if it is too verbose or uninteresting to read.

You know who you are and are confident that you can change direction and improve who you are at will.

You know the excitement of an office romance and are too smart to engage in one.

You don’t pretend to like bad even horrible music and movies.

You no longer make relatively random bucket lists of things to do but know how to spend most of your time on important priorities.

You try to learn from humans outside your age group because they sometimes have something valuable to offer too.


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