Contempt: n. believing a subset(s)’s (appearance and/or behavior(s)) and/or action(s) are (bad and/or wrong) and/or inferior to a relatively large degree and not to be respected and also frequently hating the subset(s) for (bad and/or wrong) and/or (inferior and/or immoral)(behavior(s) and/or action(s))

A contemptuous feeling frequently originates from a feeling of superiority, disrespect, and even hate for a human(s) and/or their actions.


The feeling of superiority may originate from a feeling that the human is genetically inferior, educationally inferior, or has a menial job and is financially very poor.


Disrespect may originate from a feeling that the human is immoral or is incompetent in doing things.


Hate may originate from a desire or wish that a human did not exist at all and be a part of your life experience.


In India the untouchable class was frequently held in contempt by other Indians because they were considered one step higher than pond scum.

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