Favoritism: n. giving unjust priority rights to one human or group of humans at the expense of another and/or damaging another who is frequently more qualified

Those in power and/or authority figures frequently are in a position to grant privileges and when they grant them based on personal preferences and not objective facts then this called favoritism.

A younger offspring may be favored by the parent and an older sibling may be resentful of the favoritism.

A lesser qualified employee may be promoted and the more qualified one may be resentful of the promotion which they feel should have gone to them.

A spouse may be resentful that too much time is spent on the job and not enough with the family because he or she favors the job more than the family which is just as worthy of attention.

A politician may favor big money interests over small money interests and thus be accused of favoring in an unjust way the big money interests with special interest legislation.

Discrimination is favoritism in action and even just laws against discrimination frequently don’t eliminate it entirely because there are clever ways around the laws which ensure that favoritism will endure as long as man and animals are dominant in this world.

Favoritism is emotionally biased human nature in action and unfortunately much injustice is done because of it.

It is OK to have favorite humans in your life and favorite things which you like to possess or do. The injustice frequently arises when your favorite humans get priority treatment, especially when someone else is more qualified to perform a task or work for you.

Nepotism is a form of favoritism where you put your own relatives in positions of power when they may not be as well qualified to fulfill the responsibilities of the job. Not being able to find trustworthy humans to fill important positions of power may lead to nepotism but the efficiency and good health of a business or organization frequently suffers.

Favoritism is also when you promote friends to positions of authority over more qualified humans just simply because you like their personalities or you feel that they deserve a favor from you for being so nice to you. The danger here is that you may be promoting an incompetent ass kisser to a position of authority and may start to regret your emotional impulsive decision at a later date.

Favoritism thrives in society because WHO you know is frequently more important than WHAT you know. This results in many embittered individuals without the proper social connections not getting positions which they deserve. Promotion based on merit is an ideal which unfortunately is frequently violated in the very subjective liberal arts fields and it is the technological and scientific fields where promotion based on merit is a more frequent but not a guaranteed condition.

Humans with emotional intelligence unfortunately rule most of the world and competent leadership frequently is a victim because true competence is frequently exploited by the socially adept. The competent seldom want to deal with the intricacies of sometimes ruthless managerial politics.


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