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To understand dedication you must understand the difference between commitment, devotion, and dedication which all seem to have the same meaning.


Commitment is merely attaching yourself to a goal(s) for a duration and you may not be emotionally committed and not have much resolve to follow through with the commitment.


Devotion is a loving and loyal commitment which can last a lifetime and it is usually reserved for spouses, offspring, non- profit organizations, religious organizations, and sometimes business organizations. You can be devoted to making much money but that is a sad kind of devotion if good honest relationships with humans are not an integral part of your quest for much money.


Dedication is emotionally intense commitment to a goal(s) which means that you are frequently investing a relatively large amount of time, effort, and even money and the dedication lasts for a duration which rarely is a lifetime and is frequently much less than a lifetime or a relatively short duration compared to a lifetime.


Dedication: n. achieving a goal(s) with intense commitment and frequently with much use of time and/or effort and/or frequently money


Commitment: n. attaching to a goal(s) for duration


Devotion: n. frequently showing loyal and loving commitment and frequently investing a relatively large amount of (time and/or money) and/or effort into samer commitment


Loyal: adj. intense attraction to a goal(s) which is frequently a human(s) and/or organization(s) which is frequently devotion with love but sometimes devotion without love



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