Teach: v. to communicate knowledge and/or skills and/or behavior to another

One on one teaching is the most effective form of teaching in many cases. Teaching to a classroom of students with slow, in between, and fast learners is very inefficient where you bore the fast students and lose the slow students trying to teach to the majority in between students.

In poor neighborhoods absence of discipline, unmotivating dysfunctional families, downward peer pressure, and disrespect of the teachers are all further reasons why traditional classroom teaching fails.

A teacher can try to teach many things to a student but unfortunately experience is sometimes the best teacher when it comes to human relationships and life experiences on the job and elsewhere.

Teachers in poor neighborhoods are plagued with discipline problems and students not willing to learn primarily because of a dysfunctional family life and poor role models who don’t encourage moral, industrious, and achievement oriented behavior.

Most teachers are not paid well and the reason is not obvious to most. Most of them are doing a mediocre job of teaching with mediocre results and deserve mediocre pay.

Quality teachers are rare because poor salaries discourage competence and even good competent teachers feel the frustration of teaching 30 students at a time with a wide range of learning speeds and frequently leave the profession for better more rewarding opportunities elsewhere.

There is some hope that individualized interactive audio visual computer education which is adjusted to your pace of learning may save students from mediocre teaching but only time will tell how speedily it will replace the armies of mediocre human teachers worldwide.

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