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Kindness: n. relatively small medium intensity caring which isn’t requested

Humans rarely say be kind to me because kindness is small caring things done which are not requested. If you nurture and/or protect a human in a small way then you are being kind. It frequently involves giving something which you have- your time, expertise, praise, advice, small gifts, and a little money.

I have listed only a few of the possibilities of unrequested kindnesses:

Saying I like you

Complimenting someone on doing or saying the right thing

Asking “How are you?” and listening intently and caring about the response

Introducing yourself to someone whom you always see around

Offering free professional advice or offer advice if you see someone has a problem which needs a solution

Holding the door or elevator for someone

Showing courtesy on the road

Making a family cook a meal for them

Giving up your seat on a train or bus to someone who seems to need it, especially the handicapped

Hugging a friend

Mentoring someone’s offspring

Visiting a senior center and talk to or entertain some of them

Volunteering somewhere without being asked

Donate food to a food bank or donate old clothes to a shelter

Paying for a meal for a homeless human

Planting a tree (being kind to nature)

Recycling (being kind to nature)

Returning wildlife to the wild ( being kind to nature)

I am not a believer in random acts of kindness, especially to total strangers. Giving small amounts of money to humans who don’t ask for it is stupidity not kindness and giving small amounts of money to strangers who ask for it is also stupidity and not kindness!!!!!!

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