Commitment: n. attaching to a goal(s) for duration

The most popular form of commitment is a marriage commitment and many women are having a hard time getting their boyfriends to commit to marriage. Marriage is a serious long duration commitment and if a man is getting sex for free and going out with someone who may not be his ideal for a marital partner then he may be reluctant to commit his financial resources to a woman with offspring or potential offspring which are an additional serious responsibility. Many couples are not in a secure financial situation and commitment is out of the question for many.

Commitment to a career is another popular form of commitment and sometimes too large a dedication to career may make for rather bad relationships with spouse and family.

There are short duration commitments to goals and long duration commitments. Modern humans are having most problems with long duration commitments to more useful education, marriage, and careers which technology is rapidly changing and making many jobs very different or even obsolete.

Long duration commitments take much determination, persistence, and perseverance or tenacity which requires much self-motivation and many give up easily if the going gets rough or there are too many failures along the way.

One frequently overlooked commitment is to a lifetime of learning new useful knowledge and skills which can come in very handy when opportunity knocks. You will have prepared yourself to seize that opportunity and prosper.

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