Fate: n. circumstances of a lifeform(s) and/or circumstances of a subset(s) which are frequently unexpected and which will occur in the future and theoretically is primarily caused by a god and/or nature without considering the fact that trying to achieve personal goals has predominant importance in your destiny


Destiny: n. your fate which has been modified by making and achieving goals in your life.


Your fate is theoretically the things which you will do in the future and the things which will happen to you which don’t seem to be something which you personally have any control over. They are frequently events which you didn’t expect to happen. Your feeling when that fateful thing exists is frequently- wow I didn’t expect that and God and/or nature must have had something to do with it more than my own personal involvement!

Sometimes your fate is determined by the overt and/or covert actions of other humans so all fate is not the result of God and/or nature alone unless you include humans as part of nature.


When an unexpected opportunity arises and you take advantage of it then it is frequently called fate. When you plan for the opportunity and it arises then it is your destiny because you actively chose to create it with your self-will.


Instead of saying “I got lucky or unlucky” it is more accurate to say that “It was fate” and for the rest of the events in your life it is more accurate to say that “It was my destiny!”

Fate is a subset of destiny.


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